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Frequently asked Questions

    We are qualified and experienced top world players who participate personally in each event, providing most relevant services in different online games.

   We’re an officially registered in Ireland company with 12 years of experience on the market and verified Business Paypal account with thousands of successfull transactions.

   We’ve successfully completed more than 100000 boosts at this point, have thousands of positive feedbacks and happy customers. Our teams are the best players from all over the world struggling to provide our customers with the most flexible service, adapted for customer’s needs schedule and lead time with best care possible. We believe that our customer’s interests must always come first, so we are ready to offer you almost any option which fits best for your needs.

   All our boosts are hand-made done via playing the actual game (either with or without account sharing) and performing as much actions as need to achieve the result and obtain desired rewards from any content whether solo, groups or raids.     We don’t send mounts, items or other things directly to your character’s in-game mail, but achieve them by well-coordinated work of highly organized teams of players 🙂    After you’ve made a purchase on our site and we’ve got all the required data from you such as your character’s info, lead times, boosting times, special notes etc we will start processing your order right in game at a predetermined time to achieve the goal and make you happy in terms described on a service product page.

   You can make order without registration, but it’s better to register if you want to get the bonuses for loyal customers like discounts, koro points and much more.

   You can pick any service you like from our store or use search bar for exact product or category You’re want to buy. Then read description, select desired options and then click “ADD TO CART” button.  

   Final total of Your purchase according on options You’ve added will be counted and showed automatically. Then you go to CART/CHECKOUT, where you can use discount coupons codes or redeem your koropoints if you have it.

   On the payment page submit all the required info, please provide only valid information. After You have paid for the order – You will get a email that Your payment has been finished and processed. In short time our customer support going to contact You with asking all other information and support you during the all boosting process. Usually, average time needed for order processing is mentioned in the product/service description.

We can fulfill any service related to World of Warcraft. Just hit support button at and we will be ready at your serve.

Our teams have the great long-year experienced games in any kind of gaming spheres, so almost everything is possible.

  Sure, if you want to have the best online interaction in boss fights and raids performing on your own with one of our professional teams, then just pick this choice when on a product page before adding a product to your shopping basket.   Bear in mind though:for understandable reasons we may bill extra charges for some selfplaying services as well as some of our services can be achieved with or without account sharing only.

If you bought the boost with a self-play option, all you have to do is just be  online at the scheduled time, get a immediate invite to a boost team and follow the team tagging bosses to get loot, the rest will be achieved by our squad.

Yeah of course, if you are using account sharing service (or this is a solo boost produced with account sharing only), then we will share your account with our team by requesting for your account credentials, such as login and password, and then you’ll need to unblock your account by giving Email or Authenticator security code so that our team can log in and  do the boost.

Mythical raids and PVP products are delicately traced by Blizzard and taken into consideration to be high risk of violation of Blizzard’s EULA (sharing accounts to third parties), so by providing accounts for these boosts you take issue that any possible consequences are completely your responsibility.

We are a legal company in Ireland that offers services in popular games making our customers happy for so many years and more than 50000 orders successfully achieved.

We are user_oriented team and also have embraced all required policies (such as privacy policy and reimbursement policy) as well as terms and conditions to  defend our customers from any negative consequences.

We using the safest connection techniques and well-known client protection resources so we always end up taking all the appropriate steps for the safety of our client.

On most popular gaming forums such as OWNEDCORE, ELITEPVPERS and  EPICNPC  you can find tons of positive reviews from our satisfied customers as well as read our reviews on TRUSTPILOT. 

Your service has not yet begun and you would like to cancel it

If you purchased the wrong service or you’ve just changed your mind and don’t want to get your ordered service more than 24 hours before appointed event starts, we will bind ourselves to find a solution that will satisfy your needs or will make full refund. In case your order is in progress and you would like to cancel it, you are eligible for a partial refund.
Please keep in mind that appointed event time can be changed and slot reservation can be canceled only if you notify us about your will 24 hours before event start. If you miss your appointed event without notification, you won’t be granted another event and payment won’t be refunded for missed event. When we reserve a spot in our event for you (with or without loot for your chosen class/spec), a team of players/guild can no longer take another customer on this spot reserved for you and will be payed for this spot. If you have some force majeure situation, you can always share your account to our driver, so he can join your appointed event to get your order done.

We are unable to fulfill your service according to our terms

If we’re unable to accomplish your order by any reason on our side, we will make full refund or can offer you another service for a price not exceeding the one you have already paid. If you choose another service which is cheaper, we will refund you the difference between those two prices.

It’s a super system for loyal customers. You are getting points for any actions you do, like making order, like us, review us etc.

Every euro spends returns a point for you.

You can exchange points for free services of simply use as discount, 100 koropoints- 1 euro off.

You can see how many koropoints  you have at your account