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WoW Fates of the Shadowlands Raids Achievement

Normal (Slime Cat)
from €10.99
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Buy WoW Fates of the Shadowlands Raids Achievement and get the following rewards:

The Fates of the Shadowlands Raids boost will assist in obtaining the new, esteemed accomplishment that will be available in SL Season 4. With a new fated affix, it is granted for finishing all three Shadowlands raids. This effect switches weekly from being active in one raid to another. By making foes and bosses stronger, it makes for more interesting rewards.

The Fate of Nathria, Fate of Domination, and Fate of Sepulcher achievements are part of the Fates of the Shadowlands Raids package. Finish them all, receiving one each week, or pick the particular raids that you find difficult. In addition, players will receive a Slime cat mount, the Hero of Fate title, or teleports to the Shadowlands raid, depending on their difficulty level.

Buy Fates of the Shadowlands Raids boost, and we’ll provide you with the following:

  • We’ll provide full runs of Fated CN, SoD, or SotFO in the difficulty of your choice.
  • In the case of normal mode pick-up, you will get Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement and Jigglesworth Sr mount.     
  • In case of heroic mode pick-up, you will get Heroic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement and Hero of Fate title.
  • In case of mythic mode pick-up, you will get Mythic: Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement and power reward – Shadowlands Raid Teleports.
  • Lots of gear of 278(normal), 291(heroic), and 304(mythic) item levels looted from buying fated raid carry.
  • You can increase the loot amount from SL Fated raid carry by ordering extra boosters – traders. 
  • Killing credits for puzzling Cartel Dinar quests.
  • Three weeks of Great Vault rewards.

Fates of the Shadowlands Raids boost will take three raid resets. 

Completing the Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement takes a minimum of three weeks due to the fact that there is only one Fated raid available each week. All previous difficulties’ achievements and rewards are also available to players. Finishing mythic, for example, will grant the completed raid the Fate, Heroic Fate, and Mythic Fate achievements.

Please review the prerequisites for this service before purchasing Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement carry.


  • Your character must be 60 Level to enter the fated raid, and you can get it by using our leveling service.
  • We provide this service with piloted or self-play versions.

Rotation of Fated Shadowlands Raids:

During Season 4, all-Fated raids are available weekly and offer significantly better rewards than regular runs. In the dungeon journal, players can see which raid is currently active, as there is only one. Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and Sepulcher of the First Ones will all rotate linearly.

Although there isn’t a lot of information available, we can make the following predictions for Season 4:

  • The fate of Nathria from August 2 till August 9.
  • The fate of Domination from August 9 till August 16.
  •  The fate of Sepulcher from August 16 till  August 23.
  • Nathria again from August 23 till 30.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to the schedule and will provide updated information if necessary. All Fated achievements will be completed as quickly as possible, and you’ll also receive powerful gear and cool perks as a result of using our service. So do not waste your time with pug groups and rush through powerful shadowlands encounters with a professional team.

As a result, players will only have a limited amount of time to complete all of the Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievements. Prior to the expansion of Dragonflight, we expect the full rotation to occur only five or six times (15-18 weeks).

Feel free to contact us via online chat, Skype, or Discord if there are any questions you have about our services. Our customer service representatives are available around the clock to answer any questions you may have, and we can even create a custom offer for you if you so desire!

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