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WoW Season of Mastery Honor Farm

Special amount of honor
€53.00/ 100k
How many honor?: 100000
How many honor?
Choose 10 x100k Honor to get a 10% OFF
Final total
+ €0.00 will be credited to your account, if you are logged in and not using discount codes
Region: EU

On Vanilla servers in Season of Mastery, Classic Honor Boost is the best approach to obtain as many honor points as you need. You can pick any quantity – 100k, 300k, 500k, or much more. WoW Classic Honor farming service will assist you in obtaining PvP and Honor Classic rewards in a quick, painless, and stress-free manner.

Buy World of WarCraft: Classic – PvP Honor Farm, you will get:

  • We will farm honor for you by the amount of honor or hours on your behalf.
  • By getting honor, you can get prestige PvP Rank and PvP Title.
  • Access to the most powerful armor and weapons at high ranks.
  • You will get Unlocked PvP rewards and items.
  • Gear, Gold, Reputation gathered while boosting.
  • We will assign a professional player with a flexible schedule to boost your character’s reputation to the required honor or hours amount.
  • After scheduling the boosting time, our booster will log on to your account and do the boost.
  • We will provide private steam at your request, where you watch the process.
  • After the boost is done, the booster will change your keybindings and spells back to their former states and leave your account to you.

Safe and secure, handmade boost without bots, cheats, macros, or any kind of exploits. If possible, we will appear offline at Battle.Net.

As with all WoW’s previous releases, beginning with the very first, Player vs. Player is the game’s most competitive and fun aspect displaying the best and giving people access to prizes with excellent features that can be extended to any game event.

Starting with the second phase of the release of the WoW Classic rebirth, players can participate in the Classic Honor System for a pretty good place. Still, it should be kept in mind that this system has features relative to what players are used to in previous expansions.

.Your placement in the structure will be recalculated weekly based on your results and performance, but the outcome will be based not only on your level but also on your success compared to other players on the server; thus, if the non-business performance of the players as a whole is high, your final weekly place may be lower than expected And vice versa-higher than other players with relatively low performance.

This method makes the game less linear, and the player may need a certain amount of adjustment to evaluate the time necessary to receive some reward properly.

WoW Classic Honor System 14 has 14 ranks in total (each rank has a matching title given to your character), winning consecutively to improve your place in the Player vs. Player ranking. That rank requires a minimum amount of Honor Rating Points from the player. You will gain access to new rewards by acquiring a new rank, whose features will gradually increase. For example, the player will gain access to the Rare Honor Set from rank 7, and the Epic Honor Set will be accessible in ranks 11 and 14. Buy WoW Classic Rank PvP Set Boost Service from Koroboost if you want to get WoW Classic sets as quickly as possible.


14Grand MarshalHigh WarlordEpic-quality weapon and shield
13Field MarshalWarlordEpic-quality helm, shoulder armor, and gloves
12MarshalGeneralEpic-quality chest armor, leggings, and boots
11CommanderLieutenant GeneralCommander’s epic mount
10Lieutenant CommanderChampionSuperior-quality helm and shoulder armor
9Knight-ChampionCenturionBattle standard Requires Centurion Use: Place a Battle Standard with 1500 health that increases the maximum health of all party members that stay within 45 yards of the Battle Standard by 15%. Lasts 2 min.
8Knight-CaptainLegionnareSuperior-quality chest armor and leggings
7Knight-LieutenantBlood GuardSuperior-quality boots and gloves
6KnightStone GuardAccess to officer’s barracks, officer’s tabard, and potions
5Sergeant MajorFirst SergeantSuperior-quality bracers
4Master SergeantSenior SergeantSuperior-quality necklace
3SergeantSergeantSuperior-quality cloak, 10% discount on all goods and repairs from your faction’s NPCs
2CorporalGruntTeam insignia trinket

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