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Today I will talk about the bosses from the raids and dungeons, who either have a terrible story, or look like they want to run away from them. For some, by the way, it is true both.

10. Avatar of Hakkar from the Sunken Temple

The sunken temple is the place where the trolls tried to resurrect the bloody god Hakkar, but the green dragons unraveled their plan and drowned the temple in the swamp. However, this did not stop the trolls, and they continued to carry out their disgusting rituals under water, while the green dragons guarded the temple outside, so that no one could enter or get out. In the end, the trolls caught a couple of dragons and sacrificed them. So Avatar Hakkar appeared on Azeroth.

What is so creepy in the Sunken Temple? Well, firstly, it is a huge pyramid, almost completely immersed in a swamp. And secondly, this pyramid served for a long time as a sacrificial altar, and a lot of blood was spilled on it.

9. Yalnu from Eternal Blossom

Yalnu is a huge centaur from a dungeon full of all kinds of plants and aggressive botanists. You may ask, what kind of flora could be dangerous there? The fact is that the Eternal Blossom is an incredibly powerful force that practically destroyed the ancient Draenor. Titan Aggramar, who came to this planet, tried to curb the Eternal Bloom and created a giant named Grond. Later, magicians from among people who did not know about the true essence of Blossom and who were trying to capture as many strategic points on Draenor as possible for the war with the Iron Horde opened portals right in the heart of the lush jungle. Those magicians breathed poisoned pollen, came under the control of Flowering and eventually turned into nightmarish human-like plants, just like people from Lordaeron, who were affected by the plague. Bloom ordered the wizards to summon a Genozavir named Yaln and send it via the portal directly to Stormwind. Genesotaurs are huge creatures, essentially demigods, comparable in strength to Cenarius. They are incredibly strong and can single-handedly destroy entire armies. Fortunately, they are practically no more on Draenor. If Yalnu really went to Stormwind, he would have begun to destroy everything to the left and to the right, to trample civilians ... In general, it’s good that we stopped him. But if you think about it, the story of the Eternal Blossom turned out to be quite fascinating. The only pity is that the developers did not develop it further.

8. Fetid Uldir Eater

This boss was created by titans in the process of laboratory experiments. The Titans studied the damage to G’yun and his influence on various loa in the hope of finding a way to reanimate the dying tissue of living creatures. Experiments over and over again proved unsuccessful, so the Titans simply destroyed the samples, but somehow G'yunu was able to revive the experimental and “collect” them together. So there was a huge chimera, also known as the Fetid Devourer. At its core, a devourer is a cadavre, assembled from loa and ordinary animals, which behaves like a living creature only due to the damage of the Ancient Gods. Although, if you look into it, titans and guardians, that is, initiators of inhuman experiments, are to blame for his appearance.

7. Reliquary of Souls from the Black Temple

At the time of Burning Crusade, few people wondered why Illidan, while setting up the Black Temple, took a room for suffering souls. At that time, Illidan was considered a villain, so no one particularly asked this question and did not demand any official explanations. Many years later, the novel "Illidan" came out in which it was stated that souls were used to feed portals in the fight against the Burning Legion. In addition, Illidan collected souls of the draenei in Auchindon, to subsequently travel to Argus. He kept these souls in a special reliquary, that is, the boss we see in the Black Temple is just a vessel, an empty shell, the contents of which change from time to time.

6. Gorefiend from Hellfire Citadel

Speaking of souls. Gorefiend was once a warlock and devoured many draenei souls, but at some point his body was overwhelmed with suffering, and he turned into a bloated abomination. In a battle with the players, Gorefiend spit up excess souls, but still tries to devour opponents. A player caught in the boss's stomach must make his way out, and those who die outside, after death, enter the stomach.

5. Raal the Voracious of Waycrest Manor

This boss is more like a rotting pig-breed, which scatters pieces of rotten flesh around it. In the second phase of the battle, he calls on the servants who are to feed him, but instead of just taking food, Raal ... devours his own servants. Honestly, I don’t have much information about this character. The dungeon magazine says that he was once the head cook at Waycrest, and then, the owners, apparently, laid a witch-like spell on Raal, and he became a disgusting monster. It seems to me that this boss could serve as a prototype for a villain from a horror movie, especially to take into account the specifics of his abilities.

4. The ancient gods - Yogg-Saron, K’thun and G'yuun

I decided to save a place in our list, so the ancient gods appear in it under the same number. In general, there is not much difference, because you still waited for me to tell you about them, right?

Yogg-Saron dwells on the lower floor of the research laboratory of the titans, and in battle with him the main goal of the players is not to go crazy.

Q’thun also talks to players endlessly and devours them selectively. Once in the stomach, the player must get out to avoid digestion.

Well, G’un, the “newest” Ancient God, who can be seen in the game, looks more like a giant parasite stuck in a wall. During the battle, he breaks out, and we see that in shape his body looks more like a slug. In my opinion, this is one of the most disgusting models in the game.

It seems to me that of all the ancient gods shown in the game, G’un is more terrible than the others, but Q’Tun and Yogg-Saron undoubtedly inspire fear.

3. Escape from Arthas in the Hall of Reflections

In the Halls of Reflection, after Jaina (for the Alliance) or Silvana (for the Horde) fails to kill Arthas, players have to run away from him. The Lich King erects ice walls on the way of the players and calls for minions to detain the fugitives, while he himself follows. And while the NPC companion destroys the walls, we can only beat the undead and observe the movement of the enemy. If the undead dies not fast enough, Arthas catches up with the players and instantly kills them. This fight is superbly designed in terms of role-playing. The Lich King is an incredibly strong boss who cannot be defeated. From him you can only run away, and even then not always. And unlike other fights for a while, the threat in the Halls of Reflection seems to be real - the boss follows on his heels and inevitably approaches, it is only a little gape. I can not say that in this battle I was really creepy - rather, anxious, or something. The developers skillfully created this atmosphere without overdoing the “real” horrors, therefore, in my rating, Escape from Arthas in the Hall of Reflections occupies such a high place.

2. Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher of the Uncrossed

Technically, Theolen Krastinov is not a boss, but a rare elite monster that can be found in the Inner Circuit. But is it really important?

In the days of the classic WoW, a mission was associated with this monster, during which it was necessary to kill Krastinov and return the body parts he had obtained to two ghosts who stood at the entrance of the Necrosity, so that they could enjoy revenge and rest in peace.

“We were surrounded by the dead, who mocked us in the most terrible ways. Finally he appeared. He introduced himself as Dr. Theolen Krastinov, but we knew him by the nickname Butcher. And we finally understood where those screams came from.

The butcher caused us tremendous pain. Before that, we didn’t know that such pain could be. He put on us countless experiments to create the plague virus. The days seemed like weeks. We would have died immediately, but this monster kept us alive with magic ...

We feel nothing. We froze between life and death. And we will not be able to rest until our remains are found and buried. ”

According to the story, the Negro Committee is the former estate of the Barovs family. The head of the family let into the estate of necromancers who promised him immortality. This is how a kind of school appeared in which experienced magicians trained others in dark magic and put on violent experiences, torturing people from the nearest settlement, Kaer Darrow. That is why today Caer Darrow is the only city in the game where only ghosts live.

Well, the main executioner in Necrosette was Dr. Teolen Krastinov.

1. Thaddius of Naxxramas

Thaddius is a meat golem, a giant ugly monster made from the flesh of children and women who were captured by the Scourge war machine. If you enter the hall with Thaddius, you can hear the cries and groans of those who fell victim to the army of the Lich King.

Before his death, the boss thanks the players for interrupting his miserable existence, and after his death, the voices subside.

From the stories of Dr. Teolen Krastinov and Taddius it becomes clear that the Scourge in the classic version of World of Warcraft looked much worse than it is now. Do not misunderstand me, in the WotLK the Scourge also performed all kinds of atrocities, but the victims were more often not women and children, but adult men. Which, of course, is also not good, just ... not so shocking.



Original text is written by PoFactu



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