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World of Warcraft (Wow) Battle for Azeroth Heart of Azeroth Essence Boost:

Why would you need Heart of Azeroth Essence Boost?

Essences are new items introduced in Patch 8.2. Each essence has major and minor powers and can be placed in either major slot (to get both powers) or minor slot (to get only minor passive power). Moreover, each essence can be one of four ranks from uncommon (rank 1) to legendary (rank 4). They can be upgraded by the execution of several activities in-game, yet it takes a lot of time and dedication.

Our wow essence boost is here to get you the best essences. You may choose, which ones to pick or our managers can help you with the choice for your specialization since essence effects are valued differently for each. For easy choice, you can check the heart of Azeroth Essence Overview – Descriptions, Rank Upgrades and Drop Locations in order to become sure that you pick what you need.

We do not place all descriptions here, yet even without it, you may see that getting perfect essences for your class and role shall be difficult without our wow boost. If rank 1 essence is somewhat achievable, further ranks require a lot of Azerite and grinding. Without a solid plan and a good group, getting the essence of rank 4 for even one role is very challenging and may take several weeks. And if you need a good essence for off-spec, or you just wish to get your abandoned character to the appropriate level, it may take several weeks solely to get the essences.

So, if you are not a fan of heavy grinding, our azerite essence boost will save you a lot of time and effort.

You can buy here following essences: Blood of the Enemy Rank 3 | Conflict and Strive Rank 3 | Memory of the Lucid Dreams Rank 3 | The Unbound Force Rank 3 | Purification Protocol Rank 3 | Breath of the Dying Rank 3 | Touch of the Everlasting Rank 3 | Spirit of the Preservation Rank 3 | Vision of perfection Rank 3


About Heart of Azeroth Essences

Patch 8.2 introduced a lot of new things, including major changes to the Heart of Azeroth system. Now it is being upgraded in the Chamber of Heart in Silithus. By a collection of Azerite, you will receive not new Azerite Traits, yet slots for the essences: one for major slots and two for minor slots. You will receive stamina bonuses for ranks 52-67 (four in total). Getting your neck to the desired level takes a lot of time, so our heart of Azeroth boost is here to get things done for you.


  • The character of 120 Levels.

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Blood of the Enemy Rank 3, Conflict and Strive Rank 3, Memory of the Lucid Dreams Rank 3, The Unbound Force Rank 3, Purification Protocol Rank 3, Breath of the Dying Rank 3, Touch of the Everlasting Rank 3, Spirit of the Preservation Rank 3, Vission of perfection Rank 3

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