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Uldir Heroic

Uldir Heroic Boost is the best way of getting the cutting edge 370 gear. You can avoid doing normals and get into a heroic raid with our top player's team. We provide multiple services from separate loot runs to a specific item or full 370+ gear, including trinkets, basic armor, and azerite traits gear. We are working directly with raiding teams and provide sufficient guarantees to you in regards receiving the loot. Additionally, we provide a self-play option to every boost - this ensures the safety of your account and allows you to get yourself familiar with the encounter.

G'huun Heroic Boost - Personal Loot

€9.99 €22.00
SAVE €12.01

Buy Glory of the Uldir Raider

€68.99 €99.00
SAVE €30.01

Uldir Heroic Boost PvE Service

€22.99 €39.00
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