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Buy Hand of Nilganihmaht mount Boost for €48.00

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WoW Hand of Nilganihmaht mount

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Buy Hand of Nilganihmaht boost and get the following rewards:

The Hand of Nilganihmaht is the new epic hidden mount found in Maw by obtaining the five control rings. It’s part of Shadowlands patch 9.1: Chains of Domination and can be obtained only by completing the part of the CoD campaign. So by purchasing the Hand of Nilganihmaht mount, you’ll save a significant amount of time while also obtaining this fantastic mount.

Buy WoW Hand of Nilganihmaht mount, and we’ll provide you with the following:

  • We will solve a secret puzzle at the Maw zone
  • Torgast style mounts covered in golden glow Nilganihmaht Control Ring
  • To do this, we will collect all five rings at the Maw and fulfill all the necessary criteria for obtaining this mount.

Hand of Nilganihmaht boost will take around 24h. We also need to wait till the Necrolord covenant assault is up.

It should be noted that in order to obtain the last Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring, players must engage in an active Necrolord Covenant assault. Only four days out of every two weeks are dedicated to this event. The chest containing the ring may only be opened if you are currently engaged in the quest Putting A Plan Together. At any moment, the other four rings can be gained.

Make sure you meet the prerequisites for this sort of service before purchasing Hand of Nilganihmaht. Our managers are available via online chat if you do not satisfy any of these criteria.


  • Your character must be 60 Level to buy Hand of Nilganihmaht mount, and you can get it by using our leveling service.
  • Any gear is good to go.
  • You should have unlocked Korthia.

Why buy Hand of Nilganihmaht Boost

The Hand of Nilganihmaht that we are selling here is one of the most difficult to cultivate varieties available. Aside from completing the normal CoD campaign, players must also fulfill unique tasks during the Necrolord attack. As a result, the time it takes to earn Hand of Nilganihmaht is significantly increased if an assault of this nature is missed.

Yet again, Koroboost is here to the rescue with a wonderful answer. Our experienced mount boosters are here to help you achieve the golden hand mount of Shadowlands in a stress-free and enjoyable manner. If, on the other hand, you insist on farming the Nilganihmaht hand, the next part will prove invaluable.

So how to obtain the Hand of Nilganihmaht in Shadowlands?

As you know, collecting five rings is required to obtain the golden Crawling Hand. That is, your goal now is to take these rings from certain rare monsters and special treasures.

  1. The Domination Sealed Chest treasure drops a silver ring. Seal Breaker Key is the only way to get inside. To put it another way, it’s made up of four separate elite mob and chest items.
  2. Maw’s Rift phase Torglluun drop runed band. In the Maw, there is another ghostly realm. You may run all the way to the Maw from the Rift Portals in Korthia.
  3. Assault by Necrolords results in the looting of a stone ring.
  4. Exos, Herald of Domination, drops the Signet Ring from the Altar of Domination. That’s a another rare monster.
  5. The big construction has a gold band perched atop a spike. 19.15, 32.28 are the coordinates. Stay on your feet.
  6. The Hand of Nilganihmaht can be found in the rift phase of the Maw after you have collected all five rings. The quest that grants you the mount will be available to you once you’ve placed all of the rings on your hand.
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