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WoW Corridor Creeper Mount Boost, Maw Mount

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Corridor Creeper is a specific mount added to WoW Shadowlands that can be summoned and mounted in the Maw area. No other mounts could do it yet, and that’s why it’s so valuable. It’s a reward for competing Twisting Corridors: Layer 8 achievement.

Buy Corridor Creeper boosting service, and We will fulfill the 8 layers of the Twisting Corridors found in the Torghast Tower for the chosen character.

Buy WoW Shadowlands Corridor Creeper Mount Boost, Maw Mount, and you will get:

  • We will complete all 8 layers and obtain Twisting Corridors: Layer 8 achievement of Torghast, Tower of the Damned. A total of 80 achievement points. 
  • You will get Corridor Creeper mount for buying Torghast Tower Twisting Corridors Boost run – You can ride this mount at Maw Zone.
  • Your character will be granted an awesome Spirestalker title.
  • Death Seeker will be your new pet!
  • Transmog item Helm of the Dominated as a part of mawsworn appearance.
  • Of course, a bit of  Stygia currency so you can spend it at the Ve’nari vendor.
  • After finishing Torghast, you will get a Soul Ash – A valuable resource used to build customizable Legendary Armor.
  • You’ll additionally collect several achievements tied to Torghast, Tower Of The Damned.
  • When performing your order, you will keep all things that your character receives, such as in-game currency and loot.
  • All our boosters are tested personally and go through a trial phase, so we select only the most proven and reliable boosters because of that.
  • Our boosters do not use any bots or software to accelerate the fulfillment of your order.
  • We will always use your country’s VPN to ensure your account is protected to the maximum.
  • We can stream or do screenshots on different boost stages when doing Torghast, Tower Of The Damned boost if you want.
  • We are offering WoW Shadowlands Torghast Tower Twisting Corridors  Boost for the following regions – Europe, America, Russia.
  • It is Piloted or Self Play Boost.

If you buy WoW Shadowlands Corridor Creeper Mount Boost, Maw Mount Boost, then service will take 1-2 days.


  • Your character must be 60 Level to buy Torghast Tower Twisting Corridors Boost from Torghast, Tower Of The Damned; you can get it using our leveling service.
  • You should have the 200+ item level; you can get it by using our gearing service.
  • Torghast, Tower Of The Damned unlocked. 

Having the Corridor Creeper mount may seem straightforward. Still, it has to be remembered that the Twisting Corridors of the Torghast Tower is the latest difficulty mode of the Shadowlands, making it insanely difficult.

If you feel like doing it yourself, you can find some more details below on how to get the Corridor Creeper mount.

How to obtain Corridor Creeper mount in Shadowlands?

The regular monsters in the Maw zone, the purgatory of the dead souls of the world of the Shadowlands, are Corridor Creepers. And of the only famous beings wandering this lost realm are these ghost bears. Since some of them can be mounted after losing the riding opponents, Corridor Creepers can be ridden in the Maw even without receiving the mount because of their roots.

But you’re going to have to stick to the following guide to get the mount.

  • Boost your character level to the maximum level of 60.
  • Pick your covenant and begin the covenant campaign.
  • Perform the main storyline quest to open access to Maw.
  • Progress there until you unlock the tower of Torghast.
  • Begin the Torghast tower and hunt for the Twisting Corridors Entrance.
  • Ignite your run and try to outlast escalating the levels up.

Are there any other mounts to ride in Maw like  Corridor Creeper mount?

It is currently the only mount with this ability. This is a very beneficial utility as the Maw is a high-level questing place to be farmed there with certain important Shadowlands reputations. Not to mention the Torghast Tower is established there and it may be difficult to get there on the heels.

There are some other mounts, though, which can earn similar usefulness. You can loot one of them by farming rare Maw spawn and its name called Mawsworn Soulhunter (it also looks like Creeper) and the next one is the unique mountable death elemental – Sintouched Deathwalker accomplished by performing a Season 1 Keystone Master achievement.

Thus, by buying  Torghast Tower Twisting Corridors Boost, you get a cool mount and other rewards and greatly reduce your time that you spend on daily routine day work since you can now do them mounted! This would have an impact on the conduits and general strength of character. So farming as many levels of Twisting Corridors as many as possible is a must-have for every serious WoW gamer.

Why buy Corridor Creeper Mount Boost, Maw Mount from Koroboost?

A qualified boosting team of Koroboost has finished both 8 levels of TC on Shadowlands beta, and we are ready to accept requests of any complexity with a 100 percent completion guarantee. Besides, we are a well-known provider of shadowlands carry with a fantastic reputation and 5-star Trustpilot ratings.

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