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WoW Renown Level Upgrade service

Please Pick Covenant: Necrolords
Please Pick Covenant
Chose Renown Levels Range: 1 - 40 -
Chose Renown Levels Range
Scroll down to see all the rewards
Renown 40: Mount - Armored Plaguerot Tauralus
Renown 39: Soulbind Upgrade - All Soulbinds Row 8
Renown 38: Recruit Adventure Combatant Rathan from Merick Feldscar
Renown 37: Covenant Weapon Transmog becomes available
Renown 36: Sanctum Upgrade - Tier 5
Renown 35: Soulbind Upgrade - Heirmir Row 7
Renown 34: Deepening Bond R3
Renown 33: Recruit Adventure Combatant Plaguey from Merick Feldscar
Renown 32: Soulbind Upgrade - Emeni Row 7
Renown 31: Ability to rescue more souls from the Maw each week; Soulbind Upgrade - Marileth Row 7
Renown 30: World Quest Item Level Increase, Covenant Armor Transmog Set: Head, Shoulders, and Chest become available.
Renown 29: Sanctum Upgrade - Tier 4
Renown 28: Soulbind Upgrade - Emeni Row 6
Renown 27: Soulbind Upgrade - Heirmir Row 6
Renown 26: Recruit Adventure Combatant Khaliiq
Renown 25: Soulbind Upgrade - Marileth Row 6
Renown 24: Unrated PvP Item Level increased
Renown 23: Ability to rescue more souls from the Maw each week
Renown 22: Covenant Armor Transmog Set: Back, Legs and Feet become available.
Renown 21: Necrolord Campaign: Assault on the House of Rituals unlocked; completing it will allow you to soulbind with Heirmir
Renown 19: Sanctum Upgrade - Tier 3, Necrolord Campaign: The House of Rituals becomes available
Renown 18: World Quest Item Level Increase
Renown 17: Plaguerot Tauralus mount
Renown 16: Necrolord Campaign: The Wages of Sin unlocked, Deepening Bond R2
Renown 15: Soulbind Upgrade - Marileth Row 5
Renown 14: Ability to rescue more souls from the Maw each week; Runecarver Memory Legendary Recipe
Renown 13: Soulbind Upgrade - Emeni Row 5
Renown 12: Necrolord Campaign: A Golden Dawn unlocked, Recruit Adventure Combatant Gunn Gorgebone from Merick Feldscar
Renown 11: Sanctum Upgrade - Tier 2
Renown 10: Necrolord Campaign: Do Not Forget unlocked, Soulbind Upgrade - Emeni Row 4
Renown 9: Covenant Armor Transmog Set: Wrist, Hands, Waist become available
Renown 8: Soulbind Upgrade - Marileth Row 4
Renown 7: Necrolord Campaign: Grant Theft Necropolis unlocked
Renown 6: Unlock questline for adventurers Merick Feldscar and Secutor Mevix
Renown 5: Soulbind Upgrade - Marileth Row 3
Renown 4: Necrolord Campaign: The House of Eyes unlocked
Renown 3: New Appearance Available
Final total
+ €0.00 will be credited to your account, if you are logged in and not using discount codes
Region: EU

Renown is a Covenant-specific Progression Mechanism that will determine and construct your status with your chosen Covenant. Renown establishes your respect within your Covenant, affects your relation to your Soulbinds, and helps you to make progress in restoring (upgrading) your Sanctum. Unlike the two APs (Artifact Power and Azerite Power) in the earlier expansions, Renown is not an open-ended farm, it’s a fixed progression scheme that you’re going to experience while you’re enjoying the game. There’s a weekly limit on how much Renown you might gain.

Buy World of Warcraft (WoW) Renown Level Upgrade service – and you will get:

  • We’re going to achieve as much renown as you’re buying to increase your Covenant level. You can specify the start and the endpoints when you Buy Renown Level Upgrade.
  • In order to farm the purchased amount of Renown, we will engage in the following activities:
    1. If your Covenant level is less than 22, then we will finish your Covenant Campaign, in this scenario, you will acquire one achievement from this list, relying on what Convenat you chose.: Kyrian Campaign, Night Fae Campaign, Necrolords Campaign, Venthyr Campaign.
    2. We will also do a Replenish the Reservoir weekly quest, that involves the collection and submission of the required Anima to the Covenant.
    3. After that, we’ll take care of a Return Lost Souls weekly quest, that needs the salvation of five worthy souls from the Maw.
    4. Finally, we’ll fully complete a Weekly Covenant calling.
  • You’ll additionally collect several achievements tied to leveling a Covenant.
  • When performing your order you are going to keep all things that your character receives, such as in-game currency and loot.
  • All our boosters are tested personally as well as go through a trial phase and so we select only the most proven and reliable boosters because of that
  • Our boosters do not use any bots or software to accelerate the fulfillment of your order.
  • We will always use your country’s VPN to ensure your account is protected to the maximum.
  • We can stream or do screenshots on different boost stages when doing the Renown Level Upgrade service if you want.
  • We are offering WoW Shadowlands Leveling boost for the following regions – Europe, America, Russia.
  • It is Piloted Boost.

There are a bunch of benefits that you can get from your Covenant leveling, and it’s also special and varies on your Covenant preference, but in summary, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • Achieving Renown will boost the item level and quality of world Quest items
  • Covenant leveling also allow you to Employ Adventurers on your Scout Map
  • You can as well obtain your Legendary recipes by buying a Renown Level upgrade boost.
  • You also can earn various transmog items, titles, achievements, pets, and way more


  • Your character must be 60 Level to buy Renown Level Upgrade service,  you can get it by buying our leveling service.
  • You also should have access to the Covenants Renown system.

What do you buy from Renown Level Upgrade service that Korobost sells?

Compared to three past expansions, in Shadowlands, the designers have taken a unique attitude towards the players’ routine. Gamers have become exhausted of the endlessly grindable Artifact power, and that for a legitimate reason. Besides being unnecessarily time-consuming, it was just as dull as hell, and it didn’t change the gameplay that much anyway. You have been needed to have some arbitrary artifact level to continue through the game, and with each level of your necklace you grew slightly stronger, but that’s about all about it.

Never the less, but the system, as confirmed by many participants, was so very punishing to gamers who had a lot of old people, because they had to struggle for the essences of every character, and because there really is no other way to advance through all the game, most decided to reduce themselves to their preferred class. In addition, Essences, which acted as a legendary power-up for the last expansion, were though not always rewarded for playing content that was not generally loved by everyone. PvP teams, for example, had to challenge Mythic+ or even raids to gain Azerite Essences which allowed their characters competitive in PvP, and conversely. Luckily, this method is retired already.

So how it changed now?

In the Shadowlands, you shall dedicate yourself to one of the four Covenants and engage in the continuing search for the souls of Azeroth’s finest mortals. Your empowerment will enhance, in particular, by strengthening your friendship with the desired Covenant. Players will have to gain Renown to progress via the ranks of your picked Covenant. Renown is a hybrid of reputation and currency. You will grow your status with the Covenant with each Renown won.

Renown, along with several lesser impacts, improves your connection with your Soulbinds, activates game-changing skills, passive abilities, and enables you to improve the Sanctum, the Shadowlands variant of Class Hall. With exception of Artifact Power or Azerite Power, which we had in past expansions, Renown is not an everlasting farm. The volume of Renown that you will be able to gain per week will be limited.

Renown is described as a commodity from a number of missions. There is also a unique Renown, that could only be utilized to promote your individual Covenant. It is very important not to miss such tasks as Return Lost Souls and Replenish the Reservoir because each grants 1 Renown. In regards, fulfilling each chapter of the Covenant Campaign must award you 1 Renown, but this will stop at level 21 when the last chapter of the Covenant Campaign appears accessible.

Our successful teams have perfected all the forms to grow Renown in WoW Shadowlands. While the revamped progression system is not quick, our boosters will do their task as quickly as necessary and you won’t have to fear spending another week before reaching a major achievement in your character’s growth or missing out on a raid since you don’t fulfill the criteria. Make a purchase right now and ensure that you always have access to the latest game content or contact our customer support team if you have any additional questions.

buy Renown Level Upgrade service from koroboost and forget about boring farming routine!

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