Uldir Heroic – Full Heroic Gear (Uldir, Halls of Control Heroic Raid)


Uldir Heroic – Full Heroic Gear (Uldir, Halls of Control Heroic Raid)



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Here you can buy Uldir Heroic – Full Heroic Gear (Uldir, Halls of Control Heroic Raid)

Buy Uldir Heroic boost – Full Heroic Gear (Uldir, Halls of Control Heroic Raid), you’ll get:

With BIS list you are getting BEST items for your spec, but service will take little longer.

With Extra Fast option we will assign to you 4 same class armor boosters with 370+ item level. They will trade their looted items to you.


    • 370+ ilvl items in each slot for your spec including three Azerite armors. 


    • The character of 120 Level.

    Boost will take as many resets as need till you fully geared.

    Zandalar is a new dangerous land in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, which is filled by scary beasts, living in bogs or sands. Ancient Gods and their worships, blood trolls, filled up the continent.

    One of the zones of Zandalar is Nazmir, the area at which the first thing you notice is the giant Blood Moon in the sky. The zone includes a former Titan facility, where they were experimenting with Old Gods and their magic, Uldir.

    Following the Legion’s campaign and diving deeper into the history of the Titans and Old Gods, Battle for Azeroth introduces the new raid tier. Uldir Heroic, Halls of Control is an opening raid in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA), located in Nazmir. Built by titans it keeps secret which might lead to the whole planet extinction. When titans were making experiments on the Old Gods, they ended up creating G’huun, the Blood God, which had been put under three seals, of which only one remains and prevents him to get out of his prison. The seals are disks located at Dazar’alor, Atul’Aman, and Nazwatha.

    Titanforge Uldir Heroic, Halls of Control raid has the following boss encounters Taloc the Corrupted, Mother, Fetid Devourer, Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth, Vectis, Zul, Reborn, Mythrax the Unraveler and G’huun.

    The loot (gear) dropped by Uldir Heroic is 370+.

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